Public Figure – EY Entrepreneur of the Year, NJ 2018

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Suuchi On Biz2Credit – How One Woman Entrepreneur Is Changing the Manufacturing Landscape

How One Woman Entrepreneur Is Changing the Manufacturing Landscape For Suuchi Ramesh, founder and CEO of Suuchi Inc., entrepreneurship runs in the family. “My granddad was a stellar businessman,” says Ramesh. “He started and ran a very successful motorbike company. My father’s generation – him and his siblings – tried and failed to hold the …

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We need to have more women leverage their geekiness to transform traditional industries

The statistics remain stubbornly consistent, Sally Glick said. “While nearly 14 million Americans have a career in manufacturing, a study conducted by Deloitte last year showed that, while women represent half of the total workforce, less than 30 percent have jobs in the manufacturing space,” Glick said. Glick, principal and chief growth strategist at Sobel & Co., a …

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Suuchi Ramesh on Maker’s Row Live

Empowering Women Last week we had the pleasure of talking with Suuchi Ramesh on Maker’s Row Live! Suuchi is the founder and owner of Suuchi, Inc, a full-service apparel factory and custom woman’s wear brand in New Jersey. Suuchi has a few missions that she was very passionate in talking about. The first was empowering …